Finding a present for a guy is always hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s his birthday or if you want to find a Christmas present.
Finding a Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gift for your boyfriend that isn’t too girly or tacky feels impossible.
But worry no more.
I’ve made a list of 17 Perfect DIY Gift Ideas that he’ll love. Boyfriend approved.

    1. Let your man know that he lights up your life.

      This project is just wonderful.
      In my opinion, it’s the perfect mix of being romantic and not going overboard.

    2. Mini Photo Album in a Box

      Have you been on a trip with your significant other lately? Or do you have some cute couple pictures?
      Turn them into a Mini Photo Album in a Box and surprise him with this nifty little DIY.

    3. Selfmade Heart Macarons with cute little Messages

      I can’t really bake, but maybe you can!
      If so, these self-made heart-shaped macarons could be the perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s Day.

    4. First Date Pillow Case

      Chances are high that some of you had your first dates with your significant other at a cinema, theatre play or concert.
      If that’s the case, you could paint a pillowcase with your entrance tickets!
      If you don’t think you’re capable of doing this yourself – order your first date pillow from the shop I pinned this image from!

    5. Valentine’s Day Flip Book

      Want to say ‘I love you’ to your man? Do it with this terrific Valentine’s Day Flip Book Idea!

    6. Make a Valentine’s Day themed Tower Tumble Game (Jenga) with tasks written on each block

7. Make a calligraphy wall hanging with a message you would like him to read every day

8.Valentine’s Day Breakfast Pancakes

9. Give him the key to your heart

Obviously symbolic, but a great way to show him how much he means to you!

10. A collection of your greatest memories in a Valentine’s Day Love Book

11. LEGO Wall Art

“I Love you… I know”.
Is your boyfriend a Star Wars fan? If yes, this would be the perfect gift for him!

12. Tiny Photo/Message in a bottle

I uploaded a DIY tutorial for this one here on my blog. Click here to read the full tutorial.

13. Make a frame with the places of your biggest milestones together

Where did you first meet? Where did you first kiss? Print out the location from Google Maps and place it in a frame. It’s a lovely daily reminder of your wonderful time together.

14. Long Drink Kit to celebrate your relationship.

Would you rather like to celebrate with him than have a chilled romantic dinner? I get that. And maybe he does too. Get the Valentine’s Day Party started with this long drink mason jar kit.

15. A whole card deck of reasons why you love him

I have to admit, this one’s a classic. But there’s a reason for it. Name me one guy that won’t appreciate when you sit down and think of 52 reasons why you love him. It’s a great gift from the bottom of your heart.

16. Cute Keyboard Key Message

Bonus if you make this DIY:
That old Windows 98 keyboard you still have lying around somewhere can finally fulfil its last deed and die in peace.

17. Turn yourself into a bookmark

This tutorial is in German but it is quite self-explanatory. I will summarize the steps for you in English:
1. Take a picture of yourself like on the Pin above.
2. Adjust the size of the picture to make it the size of an average bookmark. Print it.
3. Take some cardboard or very strong paper, use your picture as a template and cut it out. Glue your picture on the paper/cardboard. Make a second piece of cardboard and place the knitting yarn between the two pieces of cardboard. Glue the knitting yarn into the position that fits your picture.
4. Turn the end of the knitting yarn into a tassel. Use the tutorial below as a guide.


I hope you’ve found an idea you liked. Giving presents is a nice thing, especially if you made it yourself.
Looking for more inspiration? Make sure to check out the Blogs and Pinterest Profiles that I’ve linked!
Have a lovely Valentine’s Day or Anniversary.

With love,


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