The weather in Berlin is constantly changing these days.
One day you might think spring is on the rise and the next day it’s snowing again. It’s frustrating.
But I decided it’s time for spring – at least inside of our apartment.
So I got myself some nice hyacinths and daffodils and started crafting some beautiful spring decoration.
I came up with three unique ways to display your spring decoration and I hope you’ll like them.

#1: Laboratory Flask Spring Terrarium

Oh, I like this one. I’m a bit of a science nerd so naturally, I’m attracted to stuff like this.
But I don’t think this idea is limited to science enthusiasts – even if you hated chemistry class in school, this Laboratory Flask Spring Terrarium looks lovely and will definitely be an eyecatcher.
So you might ask yourself at this point – how the hell am I supposed to get the plants inside of the flask?
And I have to admit, this part is a little bit tricky.
It takes patience and trial and error to get the plants into the right position.
But we’ll get to this.

At first, you’ll have to get your hands on a laboratory flask.
And the choice about which one is obviously up to you, but I think a wide-necked Erlenmeyer Flask with a Volume of at least 1000 ml is the way to go.
You want to make sure that your flask is wide-necked (or wide mouth), otherwise, I’ll guarantee you, you won’t get your plants in that thing.
I can’t find good options on Amazon because I think the flasks there a too expensive. I ordered mine on eBay and I recommend that you should do the same.

When you got your flask, other things you’ll need are your desired plants, some soil and moss. (You’ll also need a brush and chopsticks – I’ll get to this.)


Begin by adding soil to your flask. If you use a 1000 ml Flask like I did, add about two fingers thickness of soil.
Take your plant and carefully push them through the bottle-neck. Pay attention to the size of the flowers bulb when you buy them because that will be the determining factor if the plant will fit into the flask or not.

Rearrange your flowers by using a long and thin stick – I used a chopstick.
This part will be a bit tricky but you’ll get there with some trial and error, I promise.
Try to fixate the plants how you want them to be with the soil in the flask.
After that part, you should have a pretty decent arrangement.

The next part is about the last and final tweaks.
I think moss adds a lot to the finished decoration so I grabbed my chopsticks and put some inside the flask. It also hides the plants’ roots which is a nice bonus.
Finally, take a long brush and clean the flasks inside from dirt and soil that might stick to the surface.

And that’s it for this one.

#2: Mini Paper Bag Spring Flowers

I also really like the next tutorial.
I’m obsessed with Paper Bag Planters because they are so incredibly easy to make, cheap and decent looking. Planters can cost quite a lot of money, especially when you have a lot of plants like I do.
And the good looking (non-tacky) ones are hard to come.
I’m really thrilled about this tutorial, as it’s so extremely cheap (like 1$ packing paper from Woolworth cheap) and the result is so gorgeous.
Without further ado, here’s the tutorial.

You can – in theory – just make the Paper Bag Planter and put the plant as it is inside.
But I don’t recommend that because your daffodils would live longer with some water and soil surrounding it.
Obviously, you can’t just water your plant inside the Paper Bag so what I always do is: placing the plant inside of a plastic container (whatever that might be) and cover it up with the Paper Bag.
I had some small plastic pots lying around so I just used those. I sealed the pots’ bottom with duck tape so that I could water the plant without destroying the paper. You could also use a small plastic bag.

The next part is the paper folding and I did a small How-To here on but I don’t want to take credit for it as I only followed the instructions from this source. (But because of my plastic pot, I did skip the contact paper part of that particular tutorial.)
I also used double-sided tape instead of a hot glue gun because it’s easier in my opinion.

Finally, put your plant inside the Paper Bag Planter, add some moss and Voilá – your gorgeous Mini Paper Bag Spring Decoration is finished.

#3: Floating Embroidery Hoop Daffodils

This one is also super easy and takes only a few minutes. I like to have hanging decoration for different occasions and this one is perfect to hang in front of a window because the light will shine oh so beautifully through the daffodil.
You can combine the previous Paper Bag Planter Spring Flower Tutorial with this one, just secure the yarn well enough to the paper bag planter so that the plant can’t slip through.
But I made the really easy version, I had a small bucket style planter at home so I just tied the bucket and the embroidery hoop together and made myself some very easy and special spring decoration. (Don’t forget the moss!)

And those were my three Unique and Easy Spring Decorating Ideas.
Which one did you like most?
I would love to hear your opinion – leave a comment below.
I hope you’ll have a great week and until next time.

With love,


Hello there!

It’s so great you are here!
Have fun and leave a comment if you have any questions.

With love,


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