Who says Farmhouse Decor has to be expensive?
You don’t have to buy furniture from fancy brands to make your home look amazing.
Ikea & creative bloggers to the rescue! This post will show you 11 awesome Farmhouse Ikea Hacks you can easily do yourself.
Let’s get started!


1. Wardrobe Ikea Hack



This Ikea Hack turns the plain Fjell Wardrobe to a fabulous whitewashed Farmhouse Style Wardrobe.
Head over to Thinking Closet to see the before & after pictures and the instructions.

2. Media Console Ikea Hack



Can you believe this gorgeous media console is made from IKEA Rast dressers? This project is a great way to DIY a Farmhouse Style media console without breaking the bank.
Find instructions and more pictures at In Between Chaos.


3. Rustic Bookshelf


It’s quite impressive how Suzy of Real Happy Space turned this hideous 15$ Hyllis metal shelving unit into a chic rustic bookshelf.
The power of Ikea Hacks, Ladies and Gentlemen. See the instructions & more pictures at Remodelaholic.


4. Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Hack



The finished cabinet looks more like a flea market find than like an Ikea Hack.
But it’s true – this absolutely amazing apothecary cabinet was an Ikea Tarva Dresser in its previous life.
Unfortunately, the instructions are in French at Dupetitdoux, but with the pictures as a reference and Google Translator, it should be possible to DIY this Ikea Hack.


5. Ikea Billy Bookshelf Hack


Is this project even real? I can’t believe how this Ikea Billy Hack turned out!
This bookshelf looks like its worth over 1000$.
You need to see the before pictures at The Makerista, it’s unbelievable.
(I really am THAT amazed.)


6. Rustic Entryway Table


The best thing about Ikea Hacks is that – most of the time – you don’t have to invest a lot to make it look completely different.
The cost for turning this Ikea Vittsjo Table into a fabulous Farmhouse Entryway Table? 10$.
Can’t believe it? Head over to My Fabuless Life to find out how she did it!


7. Another Apothecary Cabinet Hack


This is another amazing apothecary cabinet Ikea Hack.
This time, the 35$ Ikea Rast Dresser was hacked and transformed into a 100-year-old looking cabinet.
Head over to Ikea Hackers to see the full instructions.


8. Rustic Bookshelves


This Hack is super easy but will still add a rustic farmhouse flair to your home!
Head over to A Dash Of Teal to see the turorial!


9. Reclaimed Wood Buffet


You HAVE to see the before pictures! Aniko from Place Of My Taste did an amazing job with this Besta Shelving Unit Ikea Hack! A simple hack such as adding reclaimed wood to a shelving front can have such a big effect.


10. Farmhouse Style Pillow Cases


This hack is probably my favorite because it is SO easy. Take super cheap Ikea kitchen towels and turn them into Farmhouse Style pillowcases! They look so charming!
You can get the How-To at Farmhouse On Boone.


11. Apothecary Cabinet Style Bedside Table



I included quite a few Ikea Rast Hacks because this cheap little dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for an Ikea Hack. At only 35$ the dresser is super affordable and the plain wood makes it very easy to customize by adding paint or stain.
This Apothecary Style Bedside Table is another amazing way to hack the Ikea Rast Dresser.
Head to House By Hoff to see the instructions and the before pictures!

If you want to see even more Ikea Hacks, check out this post:

♥︎ 13 Designer Ikea Hacks That’ll Make Your Home Look Like Something Out Of A Magazine

Or follow my Ikea Hacks Pinterest Board to see new & awesome Ikea Hacks in your Pinterest Feed!


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