Do you LOVE bullet journaling but feel that your journal can’t compete with the gorgeous bullet journal weekly spreads you see online?
I feel you so much…

I could spend HOURS scrolling through bullet journal feature accounts on Instagram.
I never understood how those people could make their journal look so amazing while still using it in a productive manner.

Every time I tried to be more artistic in my weekly spreads I ended up getting frustrated and turning to a more minimalistic layout. (This can look awesome too, but unfortunately, mine didn’t.)

I absolutely LOVED bullet journaling but it was frustrating at the same time.


My solution: Make your bullet journal look amazing with bullet journal stickers

Free Printable Planner Stickers

Free Printable Bullet Journal Stickers
FREE Printable Planner Stickers


I present you my very first FREE printable set of bullet journal stickers for your weekly layout.
I love them SO MUCH.

With the stickers, your weekly spread can look artistic and gorgeous without having to spend time on drawing banners. (If you like to do that, please go ahead! I just want to offer an alternative for folks like me who want a pretty journal without putting too much effort into it!)

The best thing is: they are completely free!
I really hope you like them as much as I do.
Right now, you can choose between two different sets of weekly spread stickers.


#1: Vintage Bird Illustrations in Black & White

#2: Colored Vintage Bird Illustrations

How do you get them?

Simply add your E-Mail address below.
You will get the password for my free printable library where you can download & print the stickers.
When you become a subscriber you will get every new printable I make send directly to your inbox.

You can simply print them out, cut them and use a glue stick to glue them into your bullet journal.
OR – if you’re a bit picky like me and want them to blend perfectly into your journal (without white borders), check out my tutorial on

how to make transparent bullet journal stickers.

(No fancy cutting machine or sticker paper needed – only a laser printer is needed.)

If you like the stickers, make sure to share them with your friends!

Hope you have a lovely week & a lot of fun in your bujo adventures!

Uliana ♥︎

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Hello there!

It’s so great you are here!
Have fun and leave a comment if you have any questions.

With love,


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